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RC530A Real Time 4 Ch Wireless Receiver Only Security Camera System
RC530A Real Time 4 Ch Wireless Receiver Only Security Camera System
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Digital Camera in Retrospect

The charm of technology is beyond your imagination. It makes what impossible years ago possible now. The development of digital camera speaks for the above.

Ten years ago, you were full of envy when you saw someone show up his/her digital camera. For the sky-high price scared you away. With the rapid development of technology, digital camera has stepped into common family. Your dream has come true! It is really cool to have such a smart sidekick-a good-performance digital camera will be no doubt a best fellow to accompany you to wherever you go. With such a brilliant digital camera, you have no chance to miss any dazzling scene or unforgettable moments.

However, the powerful digital camera you are enjoying also has a long story of growing up as every one of you.

The history of the camera is well documented and can be traced back over one hundred years its digital cousin has had less focus if you will excuse the pun. The history of the digital camera began with a man called Eugene F. Lally who worked in jet propulsion and the development of artificial gravitational systems. During his spare time, however, Lally spent a great deal of time studying how to use mosaic photo sensors to record images digitally. The use of this technology was not initially intended for the public sphere but for astronauts to photograph the planets and hence find their position in space.

At this point however the technology was not yet there to realize these concepts. This work went onto the backburner until 1975 when Steven Sasson an engineer working for Eastman Kodak managed to put together some old Motorola components with existing Kodak camera parts and Fairchild CCD sensors. A camera with the size of a toaster and almost four kilograms weight came out. This camera recorded black and white images to a cassette tape. And the pixel was only 0.01 mega, that is 10,000 pixels. Also, this camera took 23 seconds to capture its first image in December of 1975. After all, this prototype camera was not intended for consumer production but just a technical exercise.

In 1981, the handled electronic camera showed up. And it was not until 1986 that analog electronic cameras appeared and reached the market. While, the first analog camera stepped into consumer market should be  the Canon RC-250 Xapshot in 1988. Meanwhile, Nikon produced a notable analog camera-QV-1000C which is designed as a press camera and not offered for sale to general users for this camera was sold only a few hundred units. The camera closely looked like a modern digital single-lens reflex camera and images would be stored on video floppy disks.

It is totally right to say that the eighties saw the true beginning of the digital camera age. Fuji DS-1P of 1988 was considered to be the first true digital camera which recorded images as a computerized file. This digital camera recorded to a 16 MB internal memory card that used a battery to keep the data in memory.

However, these early cameras did not go on sale to the mass public. The pioneer was the Dycam Model 1 which was released in 1990. This digital camera adopted a CCD image sensor and stored the pictures in a digital format. What was outstanding was that this digital camera could be connected directly into a PC, so it is convenient for people to uploads images with ease.

At that time, these digital cameras were unaffordable however. It was not until in 1994 when Apple released the Quick Take 100 that a digital camera was available to consumers for under the thousand dollar mark. And with the widespread use of media cards, digital technology truly took off. Since then the digital camera has become more portable and more affordable.

Nowadays, both people in developed and developing counties can enjoy the cool experience digital camera bring them. At the same time, people in undeveloped areas can witness various digital cameras on the local market.

Thanks to digital camera, people are able to record imagery and take snapshots of the unforgettable moments in life in a convenient and usable way. More luckily, chinazrh one of the best electronics wholesalers in china provides your digital cameras with high quality at wholesale price and you are sure to enjoy sea of electronics choices. Why not go and have a look? You will be satisfied.

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